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    These alternators are mainly used in telecom industries, Hospital / Surgical Machineries / Equipments, Banks, Railway Petrol Pumps, Cinema and so on. These pumps are very useful in terms of uninterrupted power supply and these are easily adjustable to non linear loads. These are very cost effective and easy to maintain and have dynamically balanced rotating parts.


  1. Uninterrupted power supply resulting in smooth functioning.

  2. Self excited and Automotive Voltage Regulator (AVR) Controlled with a simple excitation system.

  3. Excellent voltage wave form and regulation at non linear loads.

  4. Easily adjustable to non-linear (thyristor) loads.

  5. Top mounted terminal box.

  6. Insulation Class 'F'

  7. Assurance for voltage build up from lowest residual.

  8. Excellent motor starting ability.

  9. Cost effective and easy maintenance.

  10. Dynamically balanced rotating parts.

  11. Compact and robust design with reduction in height, vibration and increased reliability.

  12. Aesthetically designed.

  13. Applications

  14. Telecom Industries

  15. Hospital / Surgical Machineries / Equipments

  16. Banks

  17. Railway Petrol Pumps

  18. Cinema

  19. Computers and precision Machines

  20. A.C. Motors

  21. Thyristor Loads

  22. Specificatios

  23. Voltage Regulation: +-10% for UPF : +-5%for 0.8 PF

  24. Speed : 1500 RPM

  25. Frequency : 50 Hz

  26. Ambient Temp : 40°C

  27. Altitude : Upto 1000m above mean Sea level

  28. Duty : S1

  29. Type of Cooling : Fan Cooled